Flickruppa is an export plugin for iPhoto and Aperture that enables you to simply and quickly upload to your Flickr account.



Download Flickruppa for iPhoto

Free trial version


iPhoto 8+, OS X 10.5+


Download Flickruppa for Aperture

Free trial version


Aperture 1.5.1+, OS X 10.5+

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  • Download a free trial and get started immediately
  • Use titles, descriptions, tags (keywords) and GPS location from iPhoto and Aperture
  • Background uploading so you can continue working with your photos, and queue more to upload
  • Upload original photos with no re-compression or loss of EXIF data – or resize photos for faster uploads
  • Upload videos (iPhoto only), upload to sets, privacy options and more…
  • Buy one license and use Flickruppa with both iPhoto and Aperture.

Personal license for USD $9 valid for both iPhoto and Aperture.

How to Use Flickruppa


  1. Install Flickruppa using the installer package
  2. Launch iPhoto, select the photos you want to upload and choose File > Export  (⌘⇧E)
  3. Select Flickruppa from the tab bar in the Export Photos window, configure the options and click Export to upload to Flickr


  1. Install Flickruppa using the installer package
  2. Launch Aperture, select the photos you want to upload and choose File > Export > Flickruppa
  3. Configure the options and click Export to upload to Flickr


Before you use Flickruppa you need to authorise it to use your Flickr account. Click the Authorize button, your web browser will open to Flickr where you can login and follow the prompts to complete the authorisation.

Once Flickr confirms that Flickruppa is authorised, return to iPhoto and click the Continue button in Flickruppa to finish.


Flickruppa uses the title, description and keywords that you've entered in iPhoto or Aperture for each photo, no need to re-enter information on Flickr.


iPhoto: Choose whether to resize your photos before uploading. Original uploads the file with no resizing and no re-compression. Large resizes it to a maximum dimension of 1024 pixels, medium to 640 and small to 240. These sizes match those of the same name on Flickr.

Aperture: Choose a Version Preset. Your existing presets are available, as well as Flickr specific Large, Medium and Small sizes; or choose Master to upload the original file.

Add To Set

Upload into one of your existing sets or create a new set.


Use your default upload privacy as set in your Flickr account, or choose who’ll be able to view your uploaded photos.


Use your default safety level as set in your Flickr account, or choose a safety level for your uploaded photos: Safe, Moderate, Restricted.

Content Type

If you’re uploading screenshots or other types of images you can choose the appropriate content type.

Hide From Public Searches

If you don't want your photo to appear in global search results.

Click Export to start uploading. If you’re using a Trial copy of Flickruppa you’ll be prompted to purchase. Just click the Not Yet button until you're satisfied that Flickruppa is for you! If you find Flickruppa useful please purchase a license.

Flickruppa iPhoto upload screenshot

Upload progress will appear in a new window so you can watch it while you continue to work. You can also queue more photos to upload while an upload is already in progress.


With iPhoto 9 and Aperture 3, Apple included native Flickr uploading support. Flickruppa improves on the Flickr uploading experience:

  • Flickruppa uploads in the background so you can keep on working with iPhoto or Aperture. Export more photos and they are added to the upload queue.
  • Flickruppa can upload your original images without recompressing, so you don't lose quality. When iPhoto recompresses images it can also increase the file size. In my testing, a 2MB image from the camera was recompressed to over 4MB… taking longer to upload and using more bandwidth!


Please write to us at for support.


Flickruppa licenses are sold by FastSpring. Your license is personal to you. You may use it personally on all of your computers and in both iPhoto and Aperture.